I help people get out of debt, invest, and create wealth, by teaching them the fundamentals of money management, investing strategies, and wealth accumulation techniques.

Our brand is committed to teaching you how to make MONEY FOR YOU. Wealth accumulation is fun, not that hard, and totally worth it. Our mission is to teach you how to use the tools available: Proper money management based on lifestyle: Investing in Portfolio and bricks and mortar Assets, and making your money work as hard for you, as you do for it. We all start small, but just like a kid’s snowballs, things get bigger the more we roll.


You own your own house, have an RRSP, but still have a hard time making ends meet? Most of us are in the same boat. The good news is YOU don’t have to be!. Don’t know where to start? You have some knowledge yet still need some guidance creating a road map? DIY Wealth Education will show you ways to increase your knowledge and grow YOUR wealth.

There is NO ONE right answer. Finances are a personal thing. No two people are alike, so no two financial road maps are the same. But a Cash Flow Survey is a good place to start. It will show you where your money is coming from, and more importantly where it’s going. The basis of Wealth Accumulation.  Understanding investments (easier than you think) can be a way to generate more return from the money you already have.  Assisting you to understand your investments might show that they are not working as hard for you as possible. We can help teach you how to get into other kinds of investments that interest you. 

A keen understanding of what makes a good Mutual Fund can increase your returns. Are you using the TFSA (whatever that is?) and your RRSP as profitably as possible.

You would love to try stocks, but where do you start?  You have heard that Flipping houses, or Income properties are the way to go, but you have no idea how to start or what’s involved.  DIY Wealth can help. Having been in the same boat, we can guide you, and educate you, on how these things work.  All of them are simpler than you think.

  1. Cash Flow Planning
  2. How to Save Money
  3. Online Investing
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Stocks
  6. TFSA’s and RRSPs
  7. Real Estate Investing
  8. Tools & Courses

We will guide and you educate you on how things work. It’s Your money. We’ll show you how to make the most of it. It’s much simpler than you think!


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