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I’m Eric, and welcome to DIY Wealth Education. There are only 3 ways for the average person to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. They are through Real Estate, Owning your own business, and Paper Assets.  This site educates you on two of them.  REAL ESTATE, and PAPER ASSETS. I’m thrilled you have made the choice to learn more about ways to increase your wealth.  Financial literacy is the single most important thing you can learn.  It underscores EVERYTHING that you do in your life.  You can not get ahead without a basic understanding about MONEY!!  There are a bunch of reasons why I started this site, and why I teach the DIY Wealth courses.  But the biggest one is seeing hardworking people not get ahead, because they don’t know how.

Most Financial websites deal with Living within your means.  Well, for most of us, that would mean a life with little fun.  What this site is about, is living within your means, BUT EXPANDING YOUR MEANS, SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE THE LIFE YOU WANT. I have seen what it means to me, and I want you to see, what it can mean for you.

My wealth education has been bolstered by over 30 years in sales, 13 years as a college professor, being a Micro Investor for 16 years, and a Real Estate Investor for over 30 years.  I have run and managed several business over the years and still have working companies today.  

I have my Real Estate License, my Mutual Fund License and my Life Insurance licenses.

What motivates me professionally:

Seeing people succeed and get ahead because of what they have learned. It sounds fake, but it is not. To see a young family get out of debt, and able to pay the rent on time, is darn rewarding. (especially if you’re the landlord.) Listening to an excited former student tell me about the second duplex they are buying, gives me a rush.  I just can not see someone struggling and not have a deep desire to help them.

Getting a hot stock tip from a friend who learned how to invest in stocks, is very rewarding, on several levels. Having an older student come up and say “Where was this information when I was 20?? I’d be rich now if I would have known this stuff.” Is truly wonderful.  Believe me I know how They feel.

I wanted to be a millionaire by 35.  But where do you learn how to do it?  The information is spread over a hundred different areas, fields, and disciplines.  I have found a lot of that information, and have tried it to see if it works.  Much of the common wisdom doesn’t work.  Who would expect to find financial strategies in a Spirituality class?? I have tried to bring all I have found into one place.  So why share it?  Why not!


Eric Tippelt.


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