Saving is as necessary to Wealth Accumulation, as rain is to growing flowers.  But Saving is not enough!!  Once you start saving some money, you need to get that money working as hard for YOU, as you do for it.

The two easiest ways to do that are by Investing in either Real Estate (Bricks and mortor ASSETS) or Portfolio (Paper ASSETS) Your age has a lot to do with how, and what you invest in.  The articles you will find in this section will be about these two areas.  I have been working in both these areas for many years.  If you have any questions or comment on the content here, PLEASE email me. I do my best to anwer every email personally.


What should I look for in a stock that should go up?

This is a question that I get asked a lot.  It is a very important question, and unfortunately, a very hard question to give a simple answer to.  That is because there are so many variables.  Questions like; What is your time frame? Days? Weeks? Years?  How much...

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Real Estate Closing Costs

You have saved $25,000 for the down payment on a house. Good for you! Have you saved money to cover the CLOSING COSTS??
Here is what might be involved.

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Blue Chip vs Penny Stocks and Micro Investing

Financial Planners will tell you that Investments of less than $10,000.00 are better off in a Mutual Fund. Is that the only choice?? No. With practice and knowledge you can benefit from stocks too. Read on for more info.

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