The only place to start when it comes to harnessing or controlling your money is to know where your money goes, and how much you are spending.  Money only flows in 2 directions, IN and OUT.  Most people only become interested in their money when there is more money flowing OUT than IN.  I think you need to be interested in YOUR money ALL THE TIME!

We will talk about harnessing/controlling money, about Saving (putting actual $$ aside) and being Frugal (not spending more than you have to).  I suggest how you can set up and use, a CASH FLOW PLAN.  (There is a complete Cash Flow spreadsheet available)  I’ll suggest how you can even use it to find the funds to cover unexpected emergencies, and build an Emergency Fund.  Cash Flow is the basis of Wealth Accumulation and Financial Independence.

The CFP will allow you to, determine how much money you can save every month, what expenses are actually out of line, and enable you to understand how YOUR money is flowing in and flowing out. It is the most basic, and most important Wealth Accumulation tool there is.  This will all be done in a REALISTIC manner, step by step, based on YOUR lifestyle. The CASH FLOW PLAN is a way to guide you forward in your financial life. This is how I gained control of my money, and stopped having my money control me.

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Saving money in the real world.

Saving is the key to wealth accumulation.  It is the seed that gets you going.  Saving can be broken into two different areas.  There is being “FRUGAL” and actually “PUTTING CASH AWAY”.  Both of these are equally important.  If you do both you...

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Wealth Accumulation Step 2: The Words of Money

There are not a lot of words that are used in basic money situations.  As you investigate other topics and pages on the site, you will be introduced to more words of money, specific to certain areas.  Things like Bid and Ask, Options, Puts and Calls, all have to do...

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Wealth Accumulation Step 3: How to Track Your Money

A friend took exception one day when I said that we spend $600.00 a month on groceries.  They said that I was full of **##.  That nobody spends that much money on groceries. I then asked them how much they spent on groceries.  The answer was...

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