A one day (8Hr) or 4 evening (2Hrs per evening) seminar detailing and explaining the steps to Wealth Accumulation.
What is covered:
  • Your beliefs about money and wealth. 
  • Conventional wisdom. (Save for Retirement)  Unconventional alternative. (Get Wealthy Before Retirement)
  • Realities of why Wealth Accumulation appears difficult.
  • Understanding the real meaning of the words of money.
  • Understanding Cash Flow and the 4 stations of Financial Stability.
  • How to SAVE and how to grow your Savings.
  • How money actually works.  Banks vs Credit Unions.
  • Understanding DEBT.  How to get out of BAD DEBT, and how to use GOOD DEBT. 
  • How to make Saving Work.  GICs, RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs.


Require 6 person minimum to run.  Cost is $250.00 per person, Couples $300.00.  Includes work book, and necessary spreadsheets.