Stock Tracking Spreadsheet Tool




This spreadsheet will track all your stock info.  Which stocks you bought, how many, at what price.  You can set stop loss alerts along with two sell alerts based on profit levels.  You can track prices weekly and see exactly how much money you are up or down.  If you have dividend paying stocks, this will track your dividends as well.  You can record up to 15 stocks.  If you need more contract us for assistance.  As you enter a price it will change color to indicate if it is more than you paid, over your first sell limit or second sell limit (different color).  It will also change color to tell you if it between your purchase and stop loss or even below the stop loss.  It also tracks the highest and lowest the price (you recorded) has been year to date.

Check out the instruction document.  We are working on a video as well.


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