Even though today’s post is for 2 days we only had one suggestion.  That happens regularly.  If nothing matches the criteria then there are no results.  Getting 50 results a day is a sign that the criteria are just not specific enough.  Remember I am trying to find stocks that ready to go up for at least a week.

The company is Invesque Inc symbol IVQ. It is listed on the Toronto stock exchange.  If your new, there are several stock exchanges in Canada but the main ones are the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX) The Venture Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange.  There are posts on the site describing the differences.  No different than the Americian stocks that have the S&P, Nasdaq, NYSE, OTC, just to name a few.

Invesque is a Real Estate company.  Invesque’s portfolio includes investments in independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, transitional care and medical office properties, which are operated primarily under long-term leases and joint venture arrangements with industry leading operating partners.  They have properties across North America.  I have rated them as FLAT, because even though the indicators have been going up, they have leveled off.  Also with Covid 19 taking its greatest toll on Seniors homes, this could leave some investors feeling nervous.  Invesque has stopped paying their dividend.  That is wise in these circumstances.

I have however put them on my watch list for later.  Considering they were a dividend paying stock and were consistantly valued at the $6.50 a share level, there is definitely some up side over time.  Once again REMEMBER THESE ARE IN NO WAY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOU TO BUY ANYTHING!! INVESTING INVOLVES RISK, LIKE LOOSING YOUR MONEY, AND THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!!!  Especially in this volatile environment.  THIS IS JUST FOR POSTING FODDER.