Welcome to the relaunch of my website.  I hired Brand Ambition out of Bowmanville to redo my website and to help me make it more appealing.  By the way, they did an outstanding job, I think.  We will see if you feel the same.  The name has changed from Baby Steps 2 Wealth to D.I.Y Wealth Education to more reflect my mission.

I had given up on the idea that there was a market for financial education.  There are thousands of websites out there doing this.  Most of them with vailed promises that they can make you a millionaire in a short time.  All you have to do is buy this, or that, or sign up for members only information.  I have been haunting quite a few of these sites myself lately.  (Checking out the competition so to speak.)  But I kept getting emails from people who were looking for help and guidance.  So maybe there is a need.

DIY is about options, not telling you what to do.

So why would you need my site?  Number one reason.  Because finding accurate, realistic financial information presented in a simple way is very difficult to find.  The realistic way that money and investing works is not common knowledge.  Even simple things like, “What makes a good Mutual Fund” are hard to find.  Finances are a very personal thing, and are very different for everybody.  The advice needs to be based on PEOPLE.  There is absolutely not one “right way”.  That is where I come from.  That is why we make suggestions and give information.  To help you make good decisions about YOUR situation.

What works for Tom will not work for Sue.  What Mary is comfortable doing, is out of the question for Sam.  Charlie has $50.00 to start with and Sally has $25,000.00.  Anglia is in her 50s and worried about retirement, and George is in his 20s needing to pay off his student loan.

There is a lot of good advice out there.  But it cannot be applied the same way to every person and situation.  I will give you an example.  Buying and holding for the long term (20 years plus) will make you money.  Good advice, if you are 20, and have 35 years before you need the money.  Not so good if you are 56 and want to retire at 60.

D.I.Y Wealth Education is about taking the best information and fitting it to your personal situation and needs.  No one knows those criteria better than YOU.  So, we are here to give YOU the information that you need, to make the best choices that suit your situation, and have the confidence that your investing decision is sound.  We offer education/knowledge, we try not to tell you what to do. I don’t recommend what to buy.  I will teach you how to evaluate, and make a good decision, about what to buy that is right for you.  We will help you find the tools and teach you how to use them.

I have a friend at work who challenges everything I say.  I really appreciate him for that.  Because he makes me think.  He gives me fresh points of view on almost everything we talk about.  That is invaluable.  He asked a good challenging question when I told him about my site.  “What qualifies you to give assistance?”

He talks, I listen.

What qualifies anyone to give assistance??  Does a university degree mean you know anything?  Does a certificate prove competence?  How about someone who has been doing and studying something for years.  Why do we trust Clara Hughes about mental illness?  Simple, she has been there and gone through it.  Wayne Gretzky’s opinion, when it comes to hockey, means something.  Why?  Because he has done it all. (He is also a heck of a smart investor.)  If “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary says something, I listen.  Because he speaks from experience that only comes from having actually done IT.

All through my life I have found that the people who actually walk the walk, and talk the talk, KNOW the most about any topic.  I also find these people seldom say “‘DO THIS”.  They usually explain the knowledge needed for you to make an educated decision.  You can ask a thousand people what you should do in any situation, but the final decision will always be YOURS.

That is my mission.  Taking all the stuff I, and many others have learned, and giving it to you, simply and concisely.  My college students say I have a knack for making complicated stuff simple.  Money and wealth ARE SIMPLE.  You don’t need a Phd, or anything much more than grade 6 math to evaluate any financial situation.   What you do need to know is; what is important information, how money works, how the system uses money, the tools needed to make good choices, and how to use those tools .

We will help you with tools to see what is going on, and tools to evaluate what you want to do.  Some of the tools are ours, some have been modified from some other sources and some come direct from the sources.  They are tools that I use every day to do the same things you are doing.  I have been there.  We have had to start over a couple of times in our life.  So, I understand how bad it can get.  Choosing between paying the hydro bill, or buying groceries for the kids, is a decision I have had to make.  I understand the emotional as well as the dollars and cents.  I understand how lifestyle and peer pressure can affect you.

I like to think D.I.Y Wealth is different, because we deal with PEOPLE, not numbers.  Check us out.  Contact us.  Put us to the test.  What have you got to loose??

Sincerely; Eric Tippelt (Uncle E.)