We have recently linked up with Send Friend who works with people who have immigrated to North America.  When you move form one country, or continent, to another there are significant changes in monetary and banking policies. Having someone who can help steer you through the new maze is very handy.  I compliment them on supplying the help required.

We will be exchanging blog posts that compliment each others services.  Send Friend is based in the US but many of the financial principles are the same.  You still have to save to get ahead.  Risk and return are still linked, (low risk low return, high risk higher return.) as an example.

They have a very good post about the advantages of having a Savings account.  The post lists 10 good reasons to have a savings account.  If you are new to a country, that is one of the first things you need to do.  We moved to the United States and getting a bank account, since we were not citizens, involves some extra paperwork.  A Savings account is the first step.

DIY Wealth looks forward to working with Send Friend.

Here is the link to their post.  Savings Account  Enjoy.