The travel ban has caused a big problem for Canadian Snow birds.  This has been showing up in my Real Estate business.  There is no problem with living in a 3 season trailer as long as you can move to where the “Season” suits the trailer.  Such as Florida or other southern US states.  But what if the border is closed??

This is not just a trailer problem, what if you have a seasonal home in a warmer climate?  With the medical care, and the outbreak rate of Covid worse than here in Canada, do you risk going there.  This second group may not be as affected as badly as the first, because they may have 4 season accommodation here.  But many do not.

This has created an improving demand for vacant land.  The smaller (less than an acre) lots in particular.  While doing the research for several clients, some issues have come up.  The biggest one is that most towns, cities, and townships, are still in the 1920’s when it comes to types of housing, allowed.

My daughter is a proponent of “Tiny Homes”.  With Climate change, and people wanting to leave a smaller carbon foot print, not to mention the price of housing in general, this may be a solution who’s time has come.  Enter the municipal planning departments.  I have spoken to several departments about the idea of a “Tiny Home” community.  The reactions have gone from truly hostile, to a laughing brush off.

My recent research has shown that this same prejudice extends to Trailers.  The repeated comment is that “Trailers belong in Trailer parks!” is a popular mantra.  Hollywood, and television in general, have definitely perpetuated the stereotype “Trailer Park” image.  Like most stereotype images, it is based on the minority who get the press.

I think that the part of the problem is greed.  Municipalities get way more tax dollars from a 4600 square foot home than they do from a 600 square foot “Tiny home.”  (most municipalities I have dealt with have a 900 Square foot minimum)  A little thought and some bylaw changes could address the situation.  At least some discussion should be started.  There is no problem that some intelligent “Open Minded” discussion can’t solve.  People are screaming for affordable housing.  I am not sure that with building costs in the $150.00 to $200.00 a square foot building cost, there is anything that is affordable. But size does matter in this scenario.  900 sq ft times $150.00 per foot is $135,000.  1800 sq ft at $150 per foot is $270,000.

There is no cloud that doesn’t have a silver lining.  Covid is one heck of a cloud, but the silver lining is that it is forcing us to address issues that have been around for a long time, but now are being pushed to the fore front.  In a democracy, (which Canada is supposed to be) each of us has one vote.  If enough people want something to change, they just have to vote for those who will make the changes.  Sitting home and complaining won’t get it done.  Times are changing, maybe we just have to catch up.  If you are looking for Real Estate, or just have a question about Real Estate, send me an email. My job is to help you.