My son in law is really into marijuana stocks.  He gave me a list of the ones making the internet chat room circuit.  I have checked them out, and thought I would weight in on the subject. I have the results in a spread sheet.   Here is the link. Bens Pot Stocks .

Many of his suggestions are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and the OTC or OTCBB United States exchanges. I have only recently bought off the CSE.  My luck with OTC stocks has been dismal.  I did wind up buying two of the stocks on his list.  The first was Harvest One Cannabis (HVST) and Supreme Pharmaceuticals (FIRE).

I bought Harvest because it’s business is spread over 3 different areas, one is not even in Canada.  They have a licence to grow marijuana, and clinics to sell it in.  This diversification of business may keep it from going up and down quickly on news about the Canadian Legalization of Pot.

It is well up on the chart, but the price climb has been reasonable.  Also there has been big volume in the last month.  It takes a lot of little guys like me buying 100-1000 shares at at time to generate 3.5 million shares.  Someone big is involved with this stock.  Also the MACD has not turned down yet.  It may go down when the big interest is satisfied.  I may have jumped the gun on Supreme Pharmaceuticals.  But I have it in an account that could use a bit of a tax loss.

I sold off a bunch of non movers as well.  Some that I have been holding way too long.  By taking the TechniTrader course, my goal this year, is to pick quicker moving stocks and buy in larger quantities.  I have a few that I have bought recently where I wish I had twice as many shares.  If you like the charts, you can use them too.  They are from my favorite charting site,  I also updated the dividend paying stocks.  They seldom move around too much.  Most dividend paying stocks are from very stable companies.  You can check them out in the Resource section.