I truly believe that you can never know enough.  I have taken dozens of training courses in my life.  Work related, personal interest, personal development, and over the last 10 years investing courses.  Some have been really good others have been not so hot.  When it comes to investing there are thousands of courses available on line.  I take a lot of the free webinars.  The vast majority give you just enough information to be dangerous.  They are a lead in for their more expensive courses.

But every once in a while, you run into a really good course.  I am taking one of those right now.  I am just getting ready to start the actual trading simulation section.  I was very impressed with the first shipment of materials.  It actually looked like I was getting value for my money.  Two huge binders with a ton of CD videos.  Excellent work books and even a selection of tests.  As a professor, I have come to the realization that tests are important.  Not so much from a pass or fail, (though it is more fun to pass than fail) but as a way of gauging whether or not you have understood the material that you have covered.  The course tests your understanding, every 45 to 30 minutes of instruction.

They are self graded tests, so no one knows your results except you.  If you got a bunch of questions wrong, you now know what material you need to review.  And all the material they present is important.  After trading for 14 years it is nice to see I actually learned some of the right stuff.  But the course has shown me that there are even better ways to do a trade, and evaluate when to buy, and sell a stock.  I wind up asking myself after every section of the course; Why didn’t I know this 12 years ago?!!! IT WOULD HAVE MADE ME THOUSANDS, AND SAVED ME THOUSANDS.  Being frugal (another word for cheap) is not always a good idea.

The course is the Technitrader Methodolgy Essentials Course. If you want to get into trading, I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THIS COURSE!!  Yes it does cost money, (US $ so it is even more for us Canadians.)   But it is worth it. If you are a MICRO INVESTOR, the section on which trading format to use alone, is worth the cost of the course.  They explain how each one works and why you would use which one.  They also tell you which ones NOT to use, and why.

I have already put their training to a profitable test.  I was pretty surprised when I got an email asking if I was ready for the SECOND HALF OF THE COURSE.  Wow! Talk about beating a customers expectations.  This was only the first HALF.  Just so that you know, I get nothing for this recommendation.  But if I find something good, I like to pass it on.  You can check out the site for yourself, just click on the link.  Technitrader.