The problem with having a website, a full time job, a part time job, and taking an online training course, is that there is never enough time.  Writing posts for the website takes me a couple of hours.  Usually because as I am researching stuff, and I get side tracked.  Having to correct all my grammar and spelling mistakes slows me down as well.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have done a fair bit of trading.  I have gone through about a dozen stocks.  Some of this has been profit taking, and as the end of the calendar approaches, I try and get rid of the losers, that I have kept way too long.  My worst habit is believing in a stock, long after everyone else gives up.

I still have to fight greed as well.  I have much better luck buying near the bottom than selling near the top.  Hempo Food and Fiber (HEMP) is a good example.  I held on to it through a 30% loss, and sold at a 30% gain.  Not bad. But I was worried it might drop again.   That was with the stock at $0.89.  It closed Friday Dec 1st at $2.03.  Should have married that one.  Now you know why I’m taking the course.

I also bought Granite Oil. (GXO) It is on the top 20 dividend paying stocks list.  I was hesitant, because, for a dividend stock it is fairly inexpensive, and it has a very good yield.  I wasn’t sure that they can maintain the dividend.  But some research showed that they could.  If it starts to slip we will sell, but in the mean time I’ll take the dividend.

I rebought Enerdynamic Hybrid (EHT) again.  They swing between $0.08 and $0.15.  I try and buy at the $0.08 level and sell anytime it gets above $.013.  For what it’s worth, I think this company has great potential.  Their unique building system (a style of SIP panel) coupled with their unique hybrid energy system is fantastic.  Again, it is a Canadian company appreciated everywhere, except here at home.

I also bought more HIVE Blockchain Technology (HIVE).  From the research I have done, I think Blockchain technology will change the financial landscape even more than the internet.  Watch this type of stock, the stock prices are very volatile.  They are swinging over 20% in a day.  It is a brand new technology, and all the main companies are new and small.  But I think this could be a ground floor opportunity.

I have sold almost all of my Cannabis stocks.  OrganiGram Holdings Inc (OGI), Abcann Global (ABCN), and Aurora Cannabis Inc (ACB).   I made over $700.00 on ABCN, buying and selling twice in 9 weeks. I used $700.00 the first time and with the profit bought $1000 worth the second time. Cannabis stocks have me nervous. I am hearing stories on the news that the provinces want Ottawa to postpone the legalization of Marijuana.  If that happens, you will see the stocks drop quickly.  With the quick run up of the stock prices, we might be in for a correction.  I am holding the proceeds as cash, so if there is a correction, I have the funds to buy them back.  

This week I should have actually owned the stocks on my watch list.  MYM Nutraceuticals Inc (MYM) listed on the CSE, Radient Technologies Inc (RTI) and QMC Quantum Minerals Corp (QMC) all made substantial gains.  Couldn’t they have waited till I bought them??

I am still bullish (a trading term meaning, I think they are going up) on Lithium and Graphite stocks.  Nemaska Lithium Inc (NMX) topped the $2.00 mark.  I also bought some more Graphite One (GPH) shares to dollar cost average down.  GPH is a longer term hold in my opinion.

My Technical Analysis Course materials arrived this week and I have started studying.  The material is very good and interesting.  It is unfortunately, totally American based.  The principles are the same, but it would be nice to have some acknowledgement that Canada has important stocks and exchanges as well.